About Eka

Personal Data of the artist

Name: Eka Peradze

Born: 23.03.1974 – Tbilissi, Georgia

Education:  Art School Moses Toidze 1989-1991. Georgia (Tbilisi)

Sex : Female

Nationality:  Georgian

Categorie and Medium

Painting : Mixed media/canvas

Movements and styles:

3D-Painting, Abstraction, Portrait,


Eka Peradze

“My pictures are on the whole world in the private collections of some well-known people such as in Georgia the Georgian Patriarch and some Georgian politicians

In September 2013, Encyclopedia of successful people the eighth edition in Georgia was published. Fortunately, information is placed in this book about me and about my work . Each of need my help, I am willing to help.”

 “I have exposed my work in many countries of the world. All my expositions had one purpose: love, friendship, charity. Each exposition in my country is dedicated to help the poor and I think to continue doing the same in future.

I am mother of 5 children and live in Berlin with my family. I continue my work. I have planned expositions in many countries. “

” It makes me happy that my art reaches so many people in the world! Art is what connects us all. “